Interview with Karin Steiner (Wiener Kinderfreunde)

Karin Steiner works as a head of the educational department of “Wiener Kinderfreude”, Austria’s biggest private kindergarten provider with deep roots in the social-democratic tradition of Victor Adler. Steiner reports how in our age of migration parents of plurilingual kindergarten children are successfully involved in kindergarten activities (“Elterncafé”, “Elternabende”), meanwhile it is a daily hard job to change attitudes and perspectives in a nation, which shows a strong monolingualistic habitus in educational institutions.


Rainer Hawlik: Bildung in Zeiten der Unterwerfung

Following his article „Bildung in Zeiten der Unterwerfung – über den Umgang mit Migrationsanderen in nationalen  Bildungseinrichtungen“, Rainer Hawlik speaks about the importance of acknowledgement and recognition of students with a different L1 than German in kindergarten and school who struggle with their intellectual development, meanwhile monolingual German speaking institutions of preschool and school don’t see the blind spot of its powerful monolingualistic attitude.
(Interviewer: Christian Berger, PH Wien)